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Timber Screws

Timber Screws

Timber Screws

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Timber Tek - Timber Tek
Timber Tek
CCC06 (Roofing Screw)

The timber tek is another related roofing screws product in Chan Chin. As a well-experienced...

Roofing Screw Hex Washer Head - Roofing Screw
Roofing Screw Hex Washer Head

Roofing screw Hex washer Head with assembled EPDM bonded washer OD16 or OD19.

Stainless Wood Screw - Stainless Wood Screw
Stainless Wood Screw

Stainless Wood Screw Trim Head Phillips Drive. SS302, SS305, SS316.

Result 1 - 3 of 3

Timber Screws | Taiwan Quality Roofing Screws for Wholesale Buyers | Chan Chin C.

Located in Taiwan since 1987, Chan Chin C. is an industrial self-tapping screw manufacturer. Their main high performance screws include, Timber Screws, carbon steel fasteners, construction screws, bulk fasteners, industrial screws, OEM screw manufacturing and self-tapping screws. They emphasize quality, timely delivery, and competitive pricing, which has earned them a strong reputation both domestically and internationally.

Discover Chan Chin C., Taiwan's esteemed self-drilling screw manufacturer, providing world-class fastening solutions. With a robust product line, including the acclaimed Roofing Screw and Timber Tek, and a commitment to excellence, they ensure quality and reliability for all construction needs. Their dedication to innovation, customer satisfaction and on-time delivery has solidified their status as a trusted partner in the fastener industry.

Chan Chin C. has been offering customers high-performance screws, both with advanced technology and 26 years of experience, Chan Chin C. ensures each customer's demands are met.