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Chipboard Screws

Chipboard Screws

A chipboard screw or particleboard screw is a self tapping screw with a thin shaft and coarse threads. Chipboard is a made up of resin and wood dust or wood chips, so chipboard screws are made to grip this composite material and to resist withdrawing. The screws solidly fasten chipboard to chipboard or chipboard to other materials such as natural wood. Chipboard screws come in a variety of lengths and can be used to fasten chipboard in variety of applications. Average length chipboard screws are often used to join chipboard flooring to regular wood joists. Smaller screws may be used to fasten hinges to chipboard cabinetry. Very long screws may be used to butt chipboard to chipboard when making cabinets.

Chipboard Screws

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Chipboard Screw - Chipboard Screw
Chipboard Screw

Chipboard screw flat (Double) Head pozi (Phil, Torx).

Chipboard Screw Drilling Point - Chipboard Screw
Chipboard Screw Drilling Point

Chipboard Screw Drilling Point Torx Drive. Zinc plated or Zinc yellow plated.

Chipboard Screw Truss Head - Chipboard Screw Truss Head Torx Drive
Chipboard Screw Truss Head

Chipboard Screw Truss Head Torx Drive.Zinc yellow plated. Zinc black.

Chipboard Screw Pan Head - Chipboard Screw
Chipboard Screw Pan Head

Chipboard Screw Pan Head Square + Phillips. Zinc plated.

Particleboard Screw Pan Head - Particleboard Screw
Particleboard Screw Pan Head

Particle board Screw Pan Head Pozi + Slot Drive. Zinc plated yellow.

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