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Chan Chin C. Self Drilling Screws Service Introduction

Chan Chin C. Enterprise Co., Ltd. is Taiwan Self Drilling Screws supplier and manufacturer with more than 26 years experence. Since 1987, in the self drilling, roofing, self tapping, drywall, chipboard, wood, thread cutting, special cutting, Euro, furniture and window screws, washers, etc., Chan Chin C. has been offering our customers high quality Self Drilling Screws production service. With both advanced technology and 26 years experience, Chan Chin C. always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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  • Self Drilling Screws
    Self Drilling Screws

    Self-tapping is the ability of a screw to advance when turned, while creating its own thread.[citation needed] This ability is sometimes created by a gap in the continuity of the thread on the screw. These edges cut a thread as the screw is driven in to the material. The cutting edge drills away the material, leaving a hole for the screw to go into.Chan Chin C. has established since 1987 and engaged in OEM business initially. Thereafter, the business of Chan Chin C. has been lead to 100% export market successfully from 1994 till now. The major products of the company are all kinds of screws such as roofing, self tapping, drywall, chipboard, wood, thread cutting, special cutting, Euro, furniture, and <strong>self drilling screws</strong>, as wellas washers.<br /><br />We accept customized order and supply based on small quantity, multiplicity, small packaging and DIY special packaging. Due to various facilities of Lab equipments, we could control each shipment quality fully by our inspectors. If you are interested in our self drilling screws, please feel free to contact us anytime.<br /><br />Followings are some features of this item:<br /><br />1. Self drilling screws: hex washer head flange with PVC washer or NEO washer.<br />2. Pan head DIN 7504 N.<br />3. CSK head DIN 7504 P.<br />4. Hex washer DIN 7504 K.<br />5. Large wafer head.<br /><br />

  • Self Drilling Screw
    Self Drilling Screw

    DIN7504N self drilling screws pan head phillips.<BR>Zinc plated with painted head.

  • Self Drilling Screws with Wings
    Self Drilling Screws with Wings

    Self drilling screw with wings flat head.

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