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Roofing Screws / Chan Chin C. is based in Taiwan, with an on-site manufacturing plant producing hundreds of millions of self drilling screws annually, from heading to Neo Assembly, alloy-plating to head painting and stainless steel fasteners.

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Roofing Screws

CCC01 (Fibre Cement)

Roofing Screws with BAZ washer (Fibre Cement)

The roofing screws product is one of the representative products from Chan Chin. Established in 1987, Chan Chin C. Enterprise is well known for its manufacturing in screws. With the made of fine quality steel, the product has the durability which  roofing screws need. The range of self drilling fasteners for fixing fiber cement sheets rails allows the fixing away from the edge of sheet. Besides, the fasteners of these items incorporate wings which ream an oversized hole in sheets allowing for movement as recommended by sheet manufacturers.

The fasteners of roofing screws are 1/4g (6.3mm) diameter, with a minimum 8 micron Zinc coating. All fasteners come complete with an EPDM Baz washer, and are all 5/16" standard hexagon washer headed. Except the quality of our own product, we also focus on the after-sale service to make our customers feel comfortable to purchase. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us with our quality roofing screws today!

LengthPointMax Build UpDrilling Capacity
110mm3pt80mmup to 4mm Steel
130mm3pt100mmup to 4mm Steel
150mm3pt120mmup to 4mm Steel
175mm3pt145mmup to 4mm Steel
190mm3pt160mmup to 4mm Steel
230mm3pt200mmup to 4mm Steel
125mm5pt85mmup to 12.5mm Steel
150mm5pt110mmup to 12.5mm Steel
190mm5pt150mmup to 12.5mm Steel
Order information
  • Minimum Order: Per Item 100M/Order USD 5,000
  • Branded Product, Buyer's Label Offered

Roofing Screws - Roofing Screws | Metal & Wood Self Drilling Screws & Fasteners Manufacturer | Chan Chin C.

Located in Taiwan since 1987, Chan Chin C. has been a self drilling screws and fasteners manufacturer. Our main screws and fasteners, include Roofing Screws, Roofing Screws, Self Drilling Screws, Decking Screws, Window Screws, Drywall Screws, Timber Tek (Roofing Screws), Chipboard Screws, and Self Tapping Screws, which are manufactured in a factory with ISO 9002 management system.

Chan Chin C. has been design and manufacture fasteners and components to supplying the commercial construction industry since 1987. We offer high performance standard and specialty products, and specialize in hard to find products for critical applications. Chan Chin C. is one of the prime screw manufacturers since 1987 located in Taiwan. ISO 9002 certified, meeting standard or non-standard specifications, C1022 carbon steel made wide selections of screw fasteners are produced with full inspection. The nuts and bolts products, including tamper proof screws, self drilling screws, self tapping metal screws, roofing screws, masonry screws, window screws, chipboard screws, deck screws, etc.

Chan Chin C. has been offering customers self drilling screws and fasteners, both with advanced technology and 26 years of experience, Chan Chin C. ensures each customer's demands are met.