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Chan Chin C. is based in Taiwan, with an on-site manufacturing plant producing hundreds of millions of self drilling screws annually, from heading to Neo Assembly, alloy-plating to head painting and stainless steel fasteners.

Chan Chin C. has been design and manufacture fasteners and components to supplying the commercial construction industry since 1987. We offer high performance standard and specialty products, and specialize in hard to find products for critical applications.

  • Deck Screw

    Deck Screw

    Chan Chin C. Deck screws are specially designed to eliminate the mushrooming and blemishes that can occur on composite materials. Since wood decks have many thin planks and must withstand harsh environmental conditions, deck screws are designed to accommodate the challenges of this application. Deck screws must resist corrosion, drive easily, and lay smoothly against the deck surface, called countersinking.

  • Chipboard Screw

    Chipboard Screw

    A chipboard screw or particleboard screw is a self tapping screw with a thin shaft and coarse threads. Chipboard is a made up of resin and wood dust or wood chips, so chipboard screws are made to grip this composite material and to resist withdrawing. The screws solidly fasten chipboard to chipboard or chipboard to other materials such as natural wood. Chipboard screws come in a variety of lengths and can be used to fasten chipboard in variety of applications.

  • Roofing Screw

    Roofing Screw

    Self-drilling roofing screws are supplied with high performance anti-corrosive coatings and specialized materials that meet the performance requirements of AS 3566.1:2002 Self Drilling Screws for the Building Industry. Our roofing screws are designed with careful consideration of the relationship between drilling speed, stability and stripping torque to drilling performance. The Chan Chin C. roofing screw eliminates the cost of drilling and tapping holes as separate operations.

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